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Get It Monogrammed! Personalize Your Leather Goods

Make it personal! You can customize your KMM & Co. accessories with a hand-stamped monogram to make them truly one-of-a-kind! Most items can be monogrammed.

You can refer to individual product pages for item-specific information – or you can take a look at some photos to see exactly how monogramming works! Here's a little behind-the-scenes look at how we monogram leather goods here at the KMM & Co. studio.

Which items can be monogrammed?

First of all, most KMM & Co. leather goods can be monogrammed! Every wallet and clutch that we offer can be embossed with your initials, with the exception of anything made out of a suede leather. (The suede finish just doesn't emboss well!) Leather journals, travel accessories, home accessories, and guitar straps can be monogrammed, too!

Our key accessories were tailor-made for monogramming, so most can be personalized. KMM & Co.'s key fobs -- circle key fobs and hotel key fobs -- are one of our most fun items to personalize, and look amazing embossed with letters, numbers, or even emojis! (More on those in a moment.) 

Embossing a leather tag

Can I get a monogrammed tote?

We get this question a lot – and unfortunately the answer is "no," at least for now! Leather tote bags can't be monogrammed, but the leather tag that ships with each standard tote is perfect for monogramming!

Our mini totes, carryalls, crossbody bags, and other bags do not include a leather tag. But you can pick up a matching tag in our Bag Accessories collection if you want to personalize your bag.

How will my items be embossed?

Here's the fun part: Every monogram is stamped by hand, letter by letter. We use a stamp set and a mallet to make that happen. Each letter is an individual stamp. To emboss your initials, we put the stamp for the first letter on a handle, and hit the end of the handle with a mallet. Then, we move onto the second letter, and then the third, stamping each letter one by one. Pretty cool, right? 

All members of the KMM & Co. staff are extensively trained on the skill of embossing leather goods. (It takes a lot of practice to get it right!) But each monogram is unique, and small variations in spacing and alignment are normal with hand-stamped items. That's one of the things we love about handmade leather goods.

Embossed key fobs

Do you have a stamp for my favorite emoji?

For items made of belting-weight leather – leather tags and key fobs – we have a variety of stamps for emojis and few other symbols. You can see all of the emoji and image stamps in the GIF above.

Each of those emojis is also an individual stamp, which we attach to a handle so that it can be pressed into the leather of your tag or key fob. We can't use emoji stamps on the leathers used for clutches and wallets. But if you're ordering a tag or a key fob, an emoji may be the perfect personalization!

What order should I put my initials in?

When you order an item that can be monogrammed, you'll be able to specify what you'd like embossed right on the product page, before you add it to your cart. (It's a great idea to double-check your spelling and syntax, as we’ll emboss exactly what you specify!) 

Because all of the letters we use for embossing are the same size, most people opt to put their initials in first-middle-last order. All of the stamps are capital letter, and we don't offer lowercase letters or alternate typefaces right now.

How much text can you emboss?

The amount of text we can emboss on a item is just limited by the amount of available space. There are a few limits you'll need to keep in mind when you decide what you'd like monogrammed on your items.

Wallets, clutches, notebooks, belts, and guitar straps can be embossed with a maximum of 4 characters (letters or numbers). Leather tags can fit about 27 characters. Hotel key fobs can fit 8 characters, and circle key fobs can fit about 6. 

Embossed leather key fobs

Where will my items be embossed?

Initials are typically embossed in the lower-right hand corner of a leather tag, while a longer word or phrase will typically be centered on the tag. If you choose a word or phrase that has too many characters to emboss with your leather tag or key fob oriented vertically, we will turn the item horizontally.  If your choice of word or phrase is contingent upon the placement of the embossing or the orientation of the tag or key fob, please let us know before you place your order!

A monogram on an envelope clutch or a card envelope will be centered on the flap, above the snap or button stud. If you order a clutch wallet, the monogram will go at the lower right-hand corner of the flap, so that you can see it when you look at the front of the clutch wallet. Key lanyards will be embossed above the button stud, and the monogram on a notebook will go in the lower right-hand corner. 

KMM & Co. stamp

Can you emboss my logo?

We'd be happy to emboss your purchases with a custom graphic or logo! To make that happen, we'll need to order a custom brass stamp just for you. If you're interested, send us an email at and we can coordinate the details! 

Personalized leather key fobs

Need help or have additional questions? We're always happy to help! Just email us at Our customer service team would be happy to help you figure out your best monogramming options!

October 17, 2019 — Jess Bolluyt