Introducing Pink and Teal: two full-grain leathers we custom-ordered just for members of the KMM & Co. BST! After lots of polls and hundreds of comments, we were excited to order the two most-requested summer colors. We love how they turned out! Teal is a Kodiak leather, with a pebbled grain and slouchy temper. Pink is a smooth-grained leather with a little pull-up. When we put them both on the cutting table, these colors also just happened to give us watermelon vibe. So we had to make a unique bag charm shaped like, you guessed it, a watermelon slice! Every bag will include a hand-painted bag charm for free.

Thank y'all for your continued support! Our whole team is so grateful for you. Please reach out anytime if you have questions, or if you'd like to custom-order an item you don't see available here. To customize the strap color for a tote, mini tote, carryall, or crossbody bag, you can place your order online and just email us with your order number.