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What should you get for all of your favorite people this holiday season? If you need some help choosing Christmas gifts or holiday presents for your favorite people, KMM & Co. can help! We've curated our best gifts so that you can check everybody off your list (and maybe even finish your shopping early this year)!

KMM & Co. Gift Guide

Do you know any of the people below? 👀 We'll bet that at least a few of them are on your gift-shopping list! We have plenty of ideas for gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for them, and gifts for all of the people you love most!

1. Your mom (or mother figure) who still makes *the best* food you've ever had and is never too busy to hang out with you

Mothers and mother figures are some of our favorite people to treat to something special around the holidays. We can tell you from experience that moms everywhere love a good leather tote. But you don't have to spend a lot of money to get something she'll love. 

Every mom needs a versatile leather tote. A clutch wallet has plenty of space for her phone, her keys, and the cards she needs everyday. Or, a beautiful travel journal is the perfect gift for a mom who likes to journal or sketch. 

2. The friend who always helps you move, no matter how many stairs are involved

Some friends are always there for you, even when there are boxes to move, a garden to weed, or errands to run. Whether it's big or small, the right gift for these people is something that's just as reliable as they are. 

A hand-stitched card case can go anywhere and won't ever wear out -- perfect for somebody who never gets tired of helping out. A leather sunglasses case will protect their favorite eyewear. Or a key lanyard will make sure that they never lose track of their keys.  

KMM & Co. gift guide

In this photo: Tan Kodiak tote, Tan Kodiak tassel, Tan Kodiak card envelope, Tan Kodiak key clip, Tan Kodiak cord taco, and Tan leather tag

3. Your dad (or father figure) who has the most eclectic taste in music, but always lets you choose what to listen to in the car

Dads -- and other indispensable, dad-like people in your life -- can be tricky people to shop for. But we have a hint for you: Pick something that they can use everyday, and anything you choose will be a hit!

The classic leather billfold is always a hit with dads. (And it comes in a wide array of gorgeous leathers so that you can choose the perfect color!) A leather belt is a practical choice -- one that he'll definitely appreciate if his current belt is falling apart. And if you really want to splurge, you might consider a messenger bag. 

4. The impossible-to-shop-for person you dearly love (we've all got one!)

On everybody's shopping list, there's at least one person who either has everything or asks for nothing (or maybe both). But no matter how impeccable their taste, you've got this!

We'd recommend that you consider some simple and tasteful home accessories, like our leather valet trays. A robust but refined leather dopp kit is another popular gift, and comes in handy both at home and on the road. Our leather notebooks, including the bestselling travel journal, is another great choice for crossing that difficult-to-shop-for friend or relative off your list with minimal fuss. 

KMM & Co. gift guide

In this photo: Red Kodiak mini tote, Tan cord taco, Hand-Painted card envelope, Tan hotel key fob, Navy Kodiak envelope clutch, Russet billfold, Red Kodiak clutch wallet

5. Your wonderful wife or partner, who forgives all the dumb things you do

The person you've chosen to spend your life with really deserves something special this holiday season. Whether you go for a show-stopping present or choose something small as a token of your adoration, we have one recommendation: Make sure to personalize it!

KMM & Co. tote bags are by far our most popular gift among husbands who are looking to put something special under the tree for their loving (and forgiving) wives. Each one includes a leather tag that you can personalize with her name, an inside joke, or even a few words from your vows. We've also made many clutches as gifts over the years, and each one can be embossed with her initials to make it extra special. 

6. Your husband or partner, who never fails to make you laugh

Though you say "I love you" all the time, the holidays are the perfect occasion for saying it one more time to the person you always want to have beside you. He's easy to have around -- until you start trying to figure out what to gift him. Take the guesswork out of your shopping this year by choosing one of our classics.

A beautiful leather wallet is a popular gift during the holidays each year. (We're partial to the billfold for someone with classic taste, the slim card wallet for a minimalist, or the flap wallet for a low-maintenance guy.) A leather guitar strap makes a great gift for someone musical. And a leather belt makes a stylish but practical gift that just about anybody would find useful.  

KMM & Co. gift guide

In this photo: Russet guitar strap, Russet notebook wallet, Tan leather tag, Tan coaster set, Tan dopp kit

7. The friend who can tell how your day is going without saying a word (and is never to busy to FaceTime with you)

We all have a friend or two who just really understand us. It doesn't matter whether you've known each other since childhood or found your way to one another later in life: Someone who really understands you is someone you treasure. 

No matter your budget, you have gift options! A handy keychain -- whether a key fob embossed with their favorite emoji or a key lanyard monogrammed with their initials -- makes a thoughtful gift. A notebook wallet is the perfect passport holder for a friend who loves to travel. Or, an envelope clutch makes a great gift for someone stylish. 

8. Your sibling, who has a lifetime of inside jokes with you (and remembers them all!)

You may not have always gotten along well with your siblings, but at least you can joke about it now! Show your brother, sister, twin, or sibling how much you appreciate them with a gift that speaks to the memories you've made together over the years. 

A leather key fob can fit just enough characters that we can emboss a nickname or a word or two from a favorite joke. Our favorite travel accessories will help them travel in style. And any of our leather notebooks can be personalized with your sibling's initials. 

KMM & Co. gift guide

In this photo: Navy Kodiak tote, Victorian Green tassel, Russet key lanyard, Vegetable Tan coaster set, Cognac envelope clutch, Storm Grey sunglasses case

9. The coworkers you're always excited to catch up with after a long weekend away

Colleagues don't always land on your holiday shopping list. But if you want to get something small for the coworkers you really enjoy seeing at the office (whatever kind of office it is!), we've got your back. 

Leather key fobs -- both our circle key fob and our hotel key fob -- make popular gifts for colleagues. A leather tag personalized with their name or favorite motto will look great on the luggage they pack for their holiday travels. And a card envelope is a sleek but inexpensive wallet they'll love to carry with them. 

10. The person you're assigned for a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange

Already worried about what you're going to choose for that Secret Santa or White Elephant exchange you just *know* is on the calendar? Gift exchanges are often difficult to shop for, especially if you're not sure who will be receiving your present. But we have some ideas for gifts that anybody would love. 

Leather key accessories -- from a key fob stamped with a cute emoji to a beautiful key lanyard  -- are crowd-pleasing gifts. Our leather tassels make a fun addition to anybody's bag. And a card envelope in a fun color can save the day when you want to gift a useful but inexpensive wallet. 

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