From the Archive: Orchid is Back for a Limited Time!

From the Archive: Orchid is Back for a Limited Time!

Some limited-edition colors are just too good to stay in the Archive! A few of our favorites have come back as we're able to order the leather: first Atlantic Blue, and now Orchid!

We ordered a limited run of this gorgeous purple leather, and we're so excited it's back for a little while. Here's what we love about Orchid.

Purple Kodiak leather tote bag on left, Orchid leather tote bag on right

Orchid is the perfect COOL purple

If you're looking for a purple bag, you know that all purples aren't created equal. The undertone of the color makes a big difference. Purple Kodiak is a warm-toned purple, but Orchid is a different color entirely: It's a cool-toned purple.

We snapped a quick photo so that you can see how they look side-by-side: Purple Kodiak on the left and Orchid on the right. 

It's a structured, glossy leather

Another characteristic that sets Orchid apart from our other leather tote bags is the finish of the leather. Orchid is a structured leather that will hold its shape, and it has a beautiful smooth grain.

It also has a gorgeous glossy finish – very different from most of our other leathers. Like all full-grain leather, Orchid will show scratches and wear, and will acquire a patina unique to you.

Orchid is made by an American tannery

Perhaps our favorite thing about Orchid is that the leather is made right here in the United States by an American tannery. We make a point of sourcing as much leather as possible from U.S. tanneries, and we're excited that our perfect purple is made right here in the USA.

While Purple Kodiak is a permanent collection color, Orchid is available only as a limited edition. Once the current batch sells out, it's gone! So if this color is calling your name, we recommend placing your order soon.

Shop the Orchid collection for a limited time! We ordered a special run of this American-made leather, but it won't be around forever. Each Orchid tote, clutch, and accessory is handmade and made to order in our Atlanta studio.