About KMM & Co.

Marcus Orfield and Kyle Martin at the KMM & Co. studio

Anybody can sell leather goods – but few people take the time to make heirloom-quality leather goods that will last a lifetime. KMM & Co. is one of the few small leather goods brands led by a designer with professional training in traditional accessory design and a director of operations with a deep knowledge of classic American design.

KMM & Co. was founded by Kyle Martin, who studied Accessory Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. During his time at SCAD, Kyle was one of the first students in the Accessory Design program to focus on menswear. His classmates called him "KMM," and the name stuck. When he started his brand in 2011, "KMM" felt like an obvious choice for the name. Kyle found the perfect business partner in his childhood friend Marcus Orfield, who shares his love of vintage American style and classic workwear design.

For KMM & Co., "heirloom quality" isn't a catchphrase: It's an intention and a promise. With Kyle and Marcus at the helm, KMM & Co. has become synonymous with doing things the old-fashioned way. Every rivet on a leather tote bag is set by hand. Monograms are stamped letter by letter. Wallets are meticulously hand-stitched. And every detail, from the grain of the leather to the color of the thread to the angle of the bevel on a strap, is carefully considered. 

Growing up in a small town – Calhoun, Georgia – Kyle and Marcus learned to appreciate objects that are made to stand the test of time. (At local antique stores, they bonded over their love of things that last.) At the KMM & Co. studio, it's not uncommon to see Kyle wearing a vintage French chore jacket or to spot Marcus in a Stetson hat: objects that have been made the same way for 100 years. (Don't even get them started on the virtues of rigid denim or Red Wing boots!) 

KMM & Co. exists to craft timeless leather goods that get better with age and wear. Each accessory in the collection reimagines a vintage silhouette for the modern world. And unlike their competitors, the KMM & Co. team ensures that each design is extensively field-tested before we sell anything to customers – if you're paying for a product, then the design has to be perfect.

With the help of a small but talented team, KMM & Co. has come a long way since the days when Kyle and Marcus were dreaming about what might be possible. Today, we ship leather tote bags and accessories around the world. But everything is still made by hand, made to order, and made in America. We're proud to be able to carry on the tradition of the countless small USA-made brands that have supplied beautiful and functional accessories to generations of Americans.