Leather hotel key fobs at KMM & Co.

By ordering an item from KMM & Co., you agree to our return policy, our alterations policy, our cancellation policy, and the rest of our terms and conditions. Here's what you need to know about our policies (plus some answers to our most frequently asked questions)!

Returns and exchanges

U.S. return and exchange policy

Since KMM & Co. launched in 2011, we have stood behind our products and made quality a priority. We craft heirloom-quality leather goods and guarantee our products to be free of defects. We'll accept any defective item for a return or exchange. 

Additionally, if you aren't happy with your order, you may return or exchange eligible items. An item can be returned for a refund or exchanged if it meets the following criteria:

  • The item was purchased from kmmco.com;
  • The item is unused and undamaged (in its original condition), or defective;
  • It is not a final sale item (items marked "final sale”, one-of-a-kind, branded, scratch-and-dent, or "ready-made"; items that have been monogrammed or customized; and items that have been altered);
  • You reach out to request a refund or exchange within the allowable return period (30 days from receipt).

We can't accept returns or exchanges on items that are customized. That includes monogrammed items and tote bags ordered with longer-than-standard handles, a crossbody strap, a snap closure, or any other modifications.

Returning or exchanging an item

You have 30 days after receiving your order to initiate a return or exchange. Please email hello@kmmco.com with your order number. We will approve your return or exchange and email you a prepaid shipping label. (Items shipped to KMM & Co. without first obtaining our approval will not be accepted.) 

Next, you'll ship your item(s) back to us. Returns and exchanges must be shipped promptly once approved. Your prepaid label will expire if unused within 2 weeks; returns and exchanges shipped outside of this timeframe will not be accepted. 

All returned merchandise will be carefully inspected. You are responsible for returning your items in the same condition you received them, with no damage and no signs of use. (KMM & Co. reserves the right to deny a return or exchange if we determine that it does not meet the conditions of our return policy.) An eligible order can be exchanged once; if you require further exchanges or decide to return an item that you received as an exchange, you will be asked to cover the cost of shipping.

Returns and exchanges take up to 7 business days to be completed. Refunds can only be issued to the original method of payment. You will receive an email when your return has been processed. If you have questions about how quickly your account will reflect the refund, please contact your bank or card issuer.

International returns and exchanges

The same items that are eligible for return or exchange in the United States are eligible for return or exchange for international customers. Please reach out to hello@kmmco.com within 30 days of receiving your order for instructions on where returns should be shipped. 

When you return an item, you will receive a refund in the same currency and using the same exchange rate as your original order. Please note that for international returns, you will be responsible for the return shipping cost as well as for the original shipping charges.

Policy on repeated returns and refusal of service

We offer a flexible return policy to make it easy to shop online with KMM & Co. However, we monitor the number of returns made by customers, and continued returns (or return attempts in breach of our policies) will be flagged. A return rate much higher than average may affect your eligibility for free returns. At our discretion, you may be asked to cover the cost of return shipping.

Free shipping and returns are a costly benefit to offer, and repeated returns (or a pattern of ordering items with the intent of returning them) can result in the refusal of future orders. We also reserve the right to refuse service to customers who contact us with false complaints, file fraudulent claims with their bank or card issuer, attempt to make fraudulent returns, or abuse our staff or policies. 

Change and cancellation policy

Changing or canceling an order

If you'd like to change or cancel an order, please email hello@kmmco.com as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee the ability to change or cancel an order. Orders of custom items (including totes with longer straps or other customizations) are typically ineligible for cancellation or change. If your item has already been assembled, we cannot change or cancel the order. 

Our production team will make your accessories exactly as specified in your order, and we'll begin work on your order soon after it's submitted. We will make your items as you order them, so we ask that you check your selections and review the description and photos of the item you're ordering. Please double-check color, drop length, style, and embossing. Ensure that you know whether you’re ordering a standard, branded, scratch-and-dent, or ready-made tote. 

Specifying your shipping address

We ask that you please double-check your shipping address before you submit your order. The shipping address associated with your order will be exactly what you submit at checkout. Due to the limitations of the fraud protection policy of our payment processing platform, we are unable to change the shipping address on your order after it's submitted. 

Please ensure that you supply a complete and accurate shipping address when you place your order. Each order is eligible for free shipping only once. If your shipment is returned to us due to an incorrect or insufficient address, you will be invoiced for the cost of reshipping the order.

Monogram policy

Ordering a monogrammed item

Every monogram is stamped by hand, letter by letter. Each monogram is unique, and small variations in spacing and alignment are normal with hand-stamped items. All of the letters we use for embossing are the same size and are all capital letters. (We don't offer lower-case letters or alternate typefaces.) We can stamp letters, numbers, and some emojis and other symbols, as seen in the GIF on the circle key fob page.

When you order a monogrammed item, please double-check your spelling and syntax, as we’ll emboss exactly what you specify. Initials are typically embossed in the lower-right hand corner of a leather tag, while a longer word or phrase will typically be centered on the tag. 

If you choose a word or phrase that is too long to emboss with your leather tag or key fob oriented vertically, we will turn the item horizontally.  If your choice of word or phrase is contingent upon the placement of the embossing or the orientation of the tag or key fob, please email us at hello@kmmco.com before placing your order to ensure that we can accommodate your request. 

Making special requests for a monogrammed item

Please let us know before you place your order if you have specific requests about the placement of the embossing on your tag, key fob, or other item, including requests about the placement of the monogram or the orientation of your tag or key fob.

No item is eligible for return or exchange based on the placement or orientation of text or stamps, and customized items are ineligible for return or exchange. If you personalize the leather tag included with your bag and choose to return the tote, the tag will be subject to a $10 restocking fee.

Custom orders and requests

Requesting customizations before you place your order

KMM & Co. has a very limited capacity to accommodate requests for custom modifications or custom designs. Please note that we are no longer able to make customizations to totes beyond the options offered on the product page, even if we have accommodated a custom request for you in the past.

Because offering customizations has caused problems with our production workflow and inventory management, KMM & Co. has decided against continuing to offer tote customizations that aren't available to select when you place an order at kmmco.com. Please note that this decision is final, and we are not able to make any exceptions.

If you would like to ask us to make modifications to any product, we require that you contact us before placing your order. Our team will confirm whether we can accommodate your request. If we can, additional fees will apply, and your order will be ineligible for return or exchange.  

We can’t guarantee the ability to cancel an order. Therefore, please do not submit an order contingent upon the expectation of customizations that we have not expressly approved. Orders placed with the assumption that we can make customizations that we don't offer will be subject to a restocking fee if canceled. 

Requesting alterations after you receive your order

In some circumstances, we can make alterations to your KMM & Co. purchase (such as a tote bag or a belt) after you receive it.  An item can be altered if it meets the following criteria:

  • The item was purchased from kmmco.com;
  • It is not a final sale item (which includes items marked "final sale"; items that have been customized; branded, scratch-and-dent, "ready-made," or one-of-a-kind items; and items that have already been altered or customized);
  • You are the original purchaser and reach out to request alterations within the allowable return period (30 days from receipt).

If you receive a tote that meets the above conditions and realize that a different drop length would work better for you, or that you'd like to add a crossbody strap, we can make those alterations within 30 days of receipt. Similarly, we can alter belts within 30 days of delivery. Please email hello@kmmco.com with your order number to find out if your order is eligible for alterations.

To send a tote back to us for different handles or a crossbody strap, you must be the original owner of the bag and contact us with your order number. A $25 fee for changing the handles or a $65 fee for adding a crossbody strap applies, and you will be asked to ship the tote back to us.

Totes that aren't eligible for alterations

Totes are eligible for alterations within 30 days of delivery. We can’t add longer handles, a crossbody strap, or a snap closure to totes that were received outside of that window or were purchased before we began offering these options.

We are unable to monogram, adjust, or otherwise alter KMM & Co. products that were purchased secondhand or from any source other than kmmco.com. We are also unable to make any alterations to one-of-a-kind or final-sale items, including totes that are designated as branded, scratch-and-dent, or ready-made. KMM & Co. is unable to make exceptions to this policy, so we ask that you please double-check your selections when ordering a final-sale tote bag.

Warranty and alterations

KMM & Co.'s warranty and repair policy

We stand behind our products, and we're happy to repair any of them in the event of a failure of materials or craftsmanship. If a product fails due to our error or a defect in the materials we've chosen, it's usually eligible for a free repair. Email us at hello@kmmco.com with a photo to discuss your options and to learn where to ship an item for repairs, if eligible.

Please note that damage from anything other than normal use is not covered by our warranty and repair policy. Leather goods will last a long time, but only if they are used as intended and cared for properly. We recommend against letting leather goods made by KMM & Co. (or any other brand) become soaked, or exposing them to excessive amounts of sun.

KMM & Co. produces leather goods made only of full-grain leathers, and we do not use corrected-grain or other altered leather. All of our leather is intended to show wear and acquire a patina with age and use. Cosmetic wear that does not affect the structural integrity of the item is expected and is not a defect.