Introducing KMM & Co. x Horween: Meet Our Favorite Tannery!

Introducing KMM & Co. x Horween: Meet Our Favorite Tannery!

We've worked with a lot of tanneries over the years, many of them located here in the United States. This summer, we're excited to introduce a collection we've been working toward for years: a collection of totes made of leather from the legendary Horween tannery in Chicago.

Our Horween collection is a little different from our other collections. So read on for all the details on this exciting new launch!

Horween makes some of our very favorite leathers

Horween is one of the oldest tanneries in the United States and makes some of our very favorite leathers – leathers that sit at the very top of our list of the hundreds of leathers we've worked with over the years.

Horween originated the process of tanning leathers to have pull-up, the characteristic lightening in areas of wear and stress. And the tannery’s name is synonymous with beautiful leather that acquires remarkable patina as it’s worn and carried.

Each leather is available in very limited quantities

We’ve accumulated a stash of Horween leather over a period of years, and we're excited that it’s finally time for us to share these amazing leathers with you. Even though we've been working on this for years, each color is available in very limited quantities, and it's not a quick process to order more. In other words, it's a good idea to order as soon as you can if you see a color you like.

Once a color goes out of stock, we're not likely to be able to restock for at least a few months. These are premium-quality leathers, with a price tag that's a bit higher than many of our other leathers, so we don't want to over-order or end up with more supply than demand.

The collection will evolve over time

Because Horween makes a wide range of gorgeous leathers, which we can order in small quantities, we've decided that our Horween collection will work a little bit differently than other KMM & Co. collections.

Instead of choosing a few colors from the tannery and aiming to keep them in stock for a long time, we'll order smaller batches of more colors. That means that each time we update the collection, there will be something new and exciting, and the collection will change over time. 

But there are some names that are worth learning

Even though colors will come and go, we'll use Horween's names for each tannage so that you'll know which leathers are alike and what characteristics each one has. Our first Horween launch includes Chromexcel and Dublin, two signature Horween leathers that always have these characteristics, even in different colors.

Chromexcel is smooth-grained, with a waxed finish, subtle pull-up, and a soft touch. Dublin is smooth-grained, with a waxed finish, good stand-up, and dramatic pull-up.

Our second Horween launch includes Chromexcel and Cavalier. Cavalier is a leather that's similar to Chromexcel, but is made in brighter colors with slightly less oil.

Check out the KMM & Co. x Horween collection to see the first batch of leathers we're stocking from this iconic tannery. We're so excited about this collection, and you can let us know anytime if you have questions at