Just Restocked! Some of Our Favorite Colors Are Back!

Just Restocked! Some of Our Favorite Colors Are Back!

The day has finally come: Some of our favorite leathers are back in stock! You may have noticed that we've had a little trouble keeping some of our leather tote bags in stock. The pandemic has affected every part of our supply chain, including the tanneries that produce our leathers. 

Today, we're restocking a variety of leathers from one of our favorite American tanneries! Read on for a quick rundown of all of our signature colors that are available for purchase again. (And keep in mind that quantities are limited! If you've been waiting for one of these colors, now's the time!)


Cognac is one of our most classic leathers for tote bags, clutches, and accessories. It has a beautiful color that will acquire a patina with age and use, with only faint pull-up. The leather scratches easily, and each Cognac tote is structured enough to hold its shape, even when empty.


Honey is a leather that's in the same color family as Cognac. But the tannery uses a lot more wax to produce this leather than to make Cognac. It has dramatic, golden pull-up (which refers to the way the leather lightens in areas of wear and use). It has a smooth grain and a waxed finish, plus a very structured temper. It's one of our stiffer leathers – not quite as structured as Crazy Horse, but significantly stiffer than Kodiak leathers. 

English Tan

Another classic tote bag color, English Tan is one of our favorite leathers for fall. This beautiful leather has high-contrast pull-up, and will quickly show where it's been with wear patterns and patina. English Tan is a smooth-grained leather, and has a matte waxed finish. It's the same tannage of leather as Honey, just in a different color. This leather makes a structured tote bag, which will soften with use but will holds its shape even while empty. 

Crazy Horse

The Crazy Horse leather tote bag is a KMM & Co. signature! This beautiful oil-tanned leather is the stiffest and heaviest leather that we stock for tote bags. (Crazy Horse is not the bag for you if you want something soft or lightweight – it isn't either of those things!) This leather's most beloved characteristic is its high-contrast pull-up and rugged look. 

Storm Grey

While we love a black or brown or tan tote, we think grey is one of the most underrated neutrals. We're so happy to have Storm Grey back in stock! This structured tote holds its shape, but the leather still feels soft and luxurious to the touch. Storm Grey has dramatic pull-up and a gorgeous grey color, perfect for fall and beyond.

Head to our Just Restocked collection to see all of the colors that just landed for fall. If a tote bag (or another item) you want is currently out of stock, the best thing to do is to sign up for the waitlist on the product page. That way, you'll receive a message as soon as it's available to purchase again.