Kodiak or Cypress? How to Choose Between Our Two Most Popular Tannages!

Kodiak or Cypress? How to Choose Between Our Two Most Popular Tannages!

So many colors, so little time: There are lots of different leathers and colors in the KMM & Co. collection, and sometimes it's hard to figure out which one is the best fit for you!

Today, we're going to outline the differences between two of our most popular tannages, Kodiak and Cypress, so that you have a handle on which might be the better leather for your dream bag. Spoiler alert: There are no wrong answers, and you can't go wrong with either one!

Grain: Pebbled or smooth?

Kodiak is our very bestselling tannage, and it's been a KMM & Co. signature for years. One of the things that we (and thousands of customers!) love about Kodiak is its prominent pebbled grain. Though, as with all full-grain leathers, there's always some variation in grain across and between sides, Kodiak is a pebbled leather through and through.

Cypress, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated. Our classic Cypress and Black Cypress leathers, which have been part of our collection for a couple of years now, are both primarily smooth-grained with some areas of pebbling. But our newer Cypress colors – Olive Cypress, Blue Cypress, Grey Cypress, Orange Cypress, Cognac Cypress – are primarily pebbled. 

Pull-up: A little or a lot? 

If you aren't familiar with this term, "pull-up" refers to the characteristic of leather that causes it to lighten in areas of wear and stress. Not all leathers even within the same tannage have the same amount of pull-up: For instance, lighter Kodiak colors like Tan Kodiak and Olive Kodiak have a lot of pull-up, while darker Kodiak colors like Navy Kodiak and Green Kodiak have only a little.

Cypress leathers, on the other hand, don't have pull-up at all: Their colors are more even, without the dimensionality that comes from pull-up. Cypress is the best choice if you prefer a more even color that varies less across the side of leather.

Color: Warm or cool?

Kodiak and Cypress colors both come in a range of gorgeous colors. For some colors, like blue or olive green, that are available in both, which one should you choose? In addition to considering the grain and the pull-up, think about which undertones you prefer in your leather. Kodiak colors are usually a bit richer and warmer in tone than comparable Cypress colors (probably thanks to all that pull-up!).

Here are some other tips to keep in mind: Olive Kodiak skews a bit more brown than Olive Cypress, and Blue Cypress is lighter in color than Navy Kodiak. As for Black Kodiak vs. Black Cypress? We'd recommend picking based on the grain you prefer: Primarily smooth-grained with some areas of pebbling, in the case of Black Cypress, or pebbled (with more pebbles!) in the case of Black Kodiak. 

Feel: Squishy or pillowy?

When it comes to the feel of the leather, you really can't go wrong with either Kodiak or Cypress. Both of them are soft, squishy leathers that make for beautifully slouchy bags.

We tend to refer to Kodiak as "squishy" and Cypress as "pillowy," but both are great choices when you want a leather that starts out luxuriously soft and will only get more pliable with use. 

Have more questions, or need help deciding which leather is the best for you? Just send us an email at hello@kmmco.com. We love talking leather!