The Mini Tote Just Got Cheaper! Here's Why

The Mini Tote Just Got Cheaper! Here's Why

April 01 Update: Since the publication of this blog post, KMM & Co.'s prices have had to increase. For all the details, read our most recent blog post. We're always available at if you have questions.

We all know that the world is a big, complicated place. Supply chains around the world have been disrupted both by the COVID-19 pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine, and the leather goods business is no exception. 

We've made a change to our mini tote pricing to adjust for a change in our hardware supply chain. If you want all the details, they're ahead!

Or, if you want the short version: Crossbody strap hardware is getting more difficult to come by, so the mini tote now ships without a crossbody strap by default. That means that the mini tote is now less expensive for you – and it won't come with a strap you don't need if you already have a crossbody strap at home!

Our solid brass hardware is not made in the USA

We like to purchase as much of our leather, hardware, and supplies as possible from American businesses. But there are some items, like solid brass buckles and D-rings, that it's just not possible for us to source domestically. 

We typically purchase our solid brass hardware from manufacturers in China. There have always been delays that go along with ordering something from China, so we've gotten good at planning ahead. But in the last couple of years, supply chains have been disrupted, and it's getting harder (and more expensive) to get the hardware we need.

The hardware to make the crossbody strap for the mini tote is the most affected by these supply chain challenges. And at our current production rate, we expect to have to take mini totes completely out of stock by April or May if each mini tote continues to include a crossbody strap.

Not everyone who wants a mini tote wants a crossbody strap

We've been thinking about how to best handle supply issues that have made the crossbody strap a lot more expensive to produce. Fortunately, KMM & Co. customers reach out to us with a lot of great ideas, and when you ask, we listen!

We've heard from many customers who don't need a new crossbody strap each time they order a mini tote. People who already have one of our mini totes – or have another crossbody strap at home that's compatible with the mini tote – often use one of those straps instead of a new crossbody strap.

So from now on, the mini tote won't automatically include a crossbody strap. The grommets to attach a crossbody strap remain standard on every mini tote. And you can still add a crossbody strap, at a discount, right from the product page when you add your mini tote to your cart. But if you don't need the crossbody strap, no problem! You won't have to buy one – which leads us to the best news of all. 

The mini tote is getting cheaper!

Here's the news you've been waiting for: The upshot of all the supply chain trouble is that the mini tote is getting cheaper! The base price of the mini tote is going down: The old price was $225 with a crossbody strap, and the new price is $200 without a crossbody strap. If you're a KMM & Co. collector or a bag hoarder (we see you, and we love you!) this is probably great news.

Because it's the hardware for the crossbody strap – not the other materials for the mini tote – that are getting more expensive and harder to source, we think that it makes the most sense to separate the rising costs of the crossbody strap from the cost of the mini tote. This way, we expect to make fewer crossbody straps. You'll only pay for a crossbody strap when you really want one. And we can keep the mini tote in stock even when hardware is more difficult to source.

If you have any questions about this change, or about anything else KMM & Co., we're always available at We're so grateful for your support and your interest, and we'd love to hear from you.

Head to the Mini Totes collection to find your favorite! All mini totes are now priced at $200 without a crossbody strap, and you can add a crossbody strap for $50. The only exception is the small quantity of mini totes in our End of Season Sale, which will all include a crossbody strap until our current inventory runs out.