Tote or Crossbody Bag? You Can Have Both!

Tote or Crossbody Bag? You Can Have Both!

In the months since we published this blog post, we redesigned the attachment for our crossbody strap! Head to this post to learn all about the new design (and decide whether you need a crossbody strap on your next leather tote bag from KMM & Co.)!

Trying to decide whether a tote or a crossbody bag would be more practical for you as an everyday handbag? No need to compromise, because now you can have both! The KMM & Co. team can add a crossbody strap to any of our standard leather totes. Here's what you need to know about this customization option. 

Brown Kodiak tote bag with crossbody strap

What does the crossbody strap look like? 

One of the most frequently asked questions about the crossbody strap is simple: What does it look like? Each tote that's made with a crossbody strap is a custom order and ships immediately after it's assembled. But we recently intercepted a Brown Kodiak tote with a crossbody strap and snap closure to have a quick photoshoot. Be sure to scroll the whole post to see them all!

Brown Kodiak tote with crossbody strap

How does the crossbody strap function?

The crossbody strap attaches to the tote with some gorgeous brass hardware. At each side of the tote, a brass d-rings gets attached to the bag with a copper rivet and a loop of leather. Then, a brass trigger snap at each end of the crossbody strap clips onto the d-ring. That means that you can take the crossbody strap on and off, depending on how you want to carry your bag. 

Brown Kodiak tote with crossbody strap and snap closure

What are the measurements of the crossbody strap?

The KMM & Co. team has designed the crossbody strap to be adjustable between the lengths of 44 inches and 51 inches. Like any other KMM & Co. product, the crossbody strap has gone through several iterations and numerous prototypes. We settled on this length because it enables the tote to hang at hip length on people between 5'0" and 6'0". 

Brown Kodiak tote and Cognac envelope clutch

Which leather will you use for my crossbody strap?

When you order a tote with a crossbody strap, we'll make the strap out of the same leather we use to make the handles for your tote. There's naturally some variation across each side of leather, but using the same leather gives you a close match so that everything matches and looks great together. The crossbody strap is a custom option, but that doesn't mean that it should look like an afterthought!

Brown Kodiak tote with crossbody strap

How do I know which totes can be customized with a crossbody strap?

Any tote that can be customized with an optional crossbody strap will have that option on the product page. (Just look for the box that asks you to "customize your tote," and select the option of the crossbody strap in the dropdown menu.) The crossbody strap is offered as an add-on for our standard totes, while our mini totes all include a crossbody strap.

The crossbody strap is an optional add-on for our standard totes. We only install the D-rings used as the attachments for the crossbody strap when you order your tote with a crossbody strap. That way, there's no superfluous hardware to get in your way if the crossbody strap isn't for you. 

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Need help or have additional questions? We're always happy to help! Just email us at Our customer service team would be happy to help you decide whether the crossbody strap is right for you.