We're Back! The KMM & Co. Studio Is Reopening! 🧰

We're Back! The KMM & Co. Studio Is Reopening! 🧰

After a long month away from the studio, the KMM & Co. team is back! We're rolling up our sleeves and making all the leather totes and wallets and small goods you've been waiting for. Read on for a quick update from our team!

We have a LOT of catching up to do!

The KMM & Co. studio was closed from March 25 through April 30, due to the shelter-in-place order issued by the state of Georgia and the stay-at-home order issued by the city of Atlanta. We are happy to do our part to keep our community safe. But we're even more happy to finally get back to work!

To say "thank you" to everybody who wanted to support us even while our studio was closed, we've been running a huge Surprise Sale. We typically offer 25% off only for Black Friday! And it's going to take us a little bit of time to get caught up, just like it usually does during the holiday rush. But hurry: The sale ends on May 10.

Totes will ship in the order they were purchased

The question on everybody's lips (and appearing again and again in our customer service team's inbox) is: "When will I receive my order?" We're doing our best to make sure that you get your items as soon as possible! To make things as fair as possible for everyone, including the customers who have been waiting the longest, the team is making and shipping leather tote bags and mini totes in the order they were purchased.

To stay organized, we're going in batches based on when you placed your order. The first tote bags to ship will be those that were ordered 30 to 40 days ago. Then, we'll tackle tote orders that came in 25 to 29 days ago. Next will come tote orders that are 20 to 24 days old, and so on. Within each of those batches, we'll go color by color so that we don't miss any orders. 

And if you placed your order more recently, don't worry! We'll go as quickly as we can and will get started on your order soon. As always, if you have a deadline for your order, please let us know at hello@kmmco.com.

Small goods are shipping as quickly as possible!

We have LOTS of totes to make. But that doesn't mean that we're neglecting clutches, wallets, tags, tassels, or any of our other accessories (which are all handmade and made to order, just like our leather totes)! While most of the production team is focusing on totes, the staff is turning out tons of small goods, too. 

If you placed multiple orders, your accessories may ship before your tote. (Even if you ordered your tote first.) Don't be alarmed! Small goods are shipping as soon as they're finished and ready to go. After all, we don't want them hanging around our studio -- we want to get them on their way to you so you can start enjoying them!

We're so grateful for your patience and your support

At the start of the stay-at-home order here in Atlanta, we were worried. Worried about not only *when* we'd be coming back, but also about *what* we'd be coming back to. But we've been amazed to learn firsthand just how many of you care about shopping small and spending your hard-earned dollars with small businesses, even (and especially) in uncertain times. 

We consider it an incredible privilege that we get to produce American-made goods -- and that customers like you make it all happen. It's been moving to hear from all of you who want to make sure that small businesses like ours make it through this crisis. We are grateful beyond words for your kindness, your support, your patience, and your encouragement. We aren't ever going to forget it. 

If you have questions or need help with an order, please drop us a line at hello@kmmco.com! Our customer service team would be happy to help, to say hello, or just to have a conversation with you about life in the time of coronavirus.