We've Got the Blues! đź’™ (All the Blue Totes, That Is)

We've Got the Blues! đź’™ (All the Blue Totes, That Is)

Feeling blue? It's no secret that blue is many people's favorite color – and it's a favorite for several members of the KMM & Co. staff, too! So really, it's not surprising that we stock several kinds of blue leather here at the KMM & Co. studio. 

Want to know how all of our blue leather totes compare? Get all of the details below!

Navy Kodiak leather tote

The Classic: Navy Kodiak

Navy Kodiak is the blue leather tote we've been making the longest – it's a KMM & Co. classic at this point! Like all Kodiak leathers, Navy Kodiak is soft and slouchy, with a luxurious pebbled texture and some pull-up. The navy color is deeper on the top side of the leather and a touch brighter on the suede side, which makes for a beautiful and vibrant blue on the interior of a Navy Kodiak bag.

Atlantic Blue leather tote

The Crowd Favorite: Atlantic Blue

Atlantic Blue made its debut last year. We LOVE this color, but we were still surprised to see it shoot up the charts to become one a bestseller in 2020! Atlantic Blue is a lightweight leather with a smooth grain. Depending on both the dye lot and the light source, you might see greenish or greyish hues under the blue. Atlantic Blue also has a moderate amount of pull-up for a dimensional color.

Petrol Blue Bison leather tote bag

The Newcomer: Petrol Blue Bison

Petrol Blue Bison is the latest addition to the blue leather tote lineup at KMM & Co. This limited-edition color will only be available for a short time (don't wait if it's calling your name)! This leather is made of Bison hide, which is known for its prominent grain and rugged durability. Petrol Blue Bison has undertones of green, which combine with the bright blue pull-up for a statement-making color.

Aegean Blue leather tote bag

The Bright Hue: Aegean Blue

Aegean Blue is the brightest and lightest color in our lineup of blue leather totes. Not quite a pastel and not quite a neon, Aegean Blue is difficult to describe – but a true showstopper. The color reminds us a bit of tropical seas or pristine swimming pools! (Is our wanderlust showing yet?) This leather is lightweight, with moderate pull-up that makes the color dimensional. 

Navy leather tote bag

The Luxe Edition: Navy

Navy is a recent addition to the KMM & Co. permanent collection. It's the perfect counterpoint to Navy Kodiak: Where Navy Kodiak is slouchy, Navy is structured. Where Navy Kodiak is pebbled, Navy is smooth-grained. And where Navy Kodiak has subtle pull-up, Navy draws you in with high-contrast pull-up. This leather feels luxuriously soft to the touch despite its structure – it's the best of both worlds!

Curious about which tote is which in the photo at the top of the post? On the first row are Aegean Blue with standard handles Atlantic Blue with 9-inch handles and an optional snap closure. In the second row are Navy Kodiak with 10-inch handles, Petrol Blue Bison with standard handles, and Navy with 9-inch handles and an optional snap closure.