What's in the Box? A Change for Totes, Travel Totes, & Market Totes

What's in the Box? A Change for Totes, Travel Totes, & Market Totes

In an ongoing effort to reduce waste and to use supplies as efficiently as possible, we're making a small change to what comes in the box when you order a leather tote, travel tote, or market tote from KMM & Co. 

A leather tag will no longer be included for free with the purchase of a bag. We recently crunched the numbers and found that more than 80 percent of the tags included with totes, travel totes, and market totes in the first half of 2022 went un-embossed. That's a lot of blank tags! This tells us that most customers don't need or want a tag with every tote, and those unstamped tags are likely collecting dust, rather than being carried.

So in the interest of using our supplies as efficiently as possible – and with the hope of avoiding sending you things that you don't want or need – the leather tag will no longer be included in the box with any of our totes. This change takes effect on July 21, and orders placed on July 21 and after will be affected. (Orders placed prior to July 21 will not be affected, and will ship with the tag included.)

When you do need or want a tag, you'll be able to purchase one via our Leather Tags collection. We'll continue to offer both our classic leather tag and the other styles you know and love, like the heart tag and the mini tag. And now that we won't be dedicating large quantities of leather to cutting tags that will ship blank, we'll likely be able to introduce some new tag styles, too. 

If you have any questions about this change, or about anything else KMM & Co., we're always available at hello@kmmco.com. We're so grateful for your support and your interest, and we'd love to hear from you.