Accessorizing with KMM & Co.: Introducing the Chain Link Strap!

Accessorizing with KMM & Co.: Introducing the Chain Link Strap!

Our new chain link straps are about to become very popular.

We are always trying to figure out new ways to create new products and reduce waste, so these new straps were created out of that philosophy. These take inspiration from vintage chain link straps from the 70's, but with a modern proportion. 

Each strap is made out of individual leather links, which loop through one another to make a strap that's endlessly adjustable and easily customizable. With brass trigger snaps at each end, the strap can be attached to any KMM & Co. bag with grommets or D-rings. 

These are available in 50 of our favorite leathers, and are infinitely adjustable and customizable. You can add or remove links to make your strap shorter or longer, or you can mix a few colors together to get a one-of-a kind piece! There are no rules, so get creative with it!

To celebrate the introduction of the leather chain link strap, we got a few members of the KMM & Co. staff to model this new design. 

Navy Kodiak chain link strap

Dante wears a Navy Kodiak bucket bag, Navy Kodiak chain link strap, and Navy Kodiak strap adapter. 
Macchiato chain link strapLulu wears a Macchiato travel tote and Macchiato chain link strap. 
Green Cypress chain link strapAnne wears an Olive Cypress mini tote and Olive Cypress chain link strap. 
Cypress chain link strap
Juhyun wears a Cypress mini tote and Cypress chain link strap. 
Grey Cypress chain link strapDante wears a Grey Cypress crossbody bag and Grey Cypress chain link strap. 
To find more details about this new accessory, check out the chain link strap, the 10-packs of chain links, the bucket bag strap adapter, or the LGBTQ Pride rainbow strap benefitting the Trevor Project.