New to the Cypress Collection: Olive, Blue, and Grey!

New to the Cypress Collection: Olive, Blue, and Grey!

Like Kodiak before it, Cypress is a KMM & Co. star. A gorgeous full-grain leather that we originally stocked in tan and black, Cypress gained a cult following among customers who love a soft and slouchy bag with an amazingly pillowy feel. After it debuted in a spring sample sale, customers couldn't get enough. We've lost count of the number of times we've reordered Cypress and Black Cypress – they really are *that good*. 

Now, at long last, the Cypress family is growing! This week, we're introducing three new Cypress colors: Olive Cypress, Blue Cypress, and Grey Cypress. The newest additions to the Cypress collection carry forward the standard of our beloved Cypress and Black Cypress leathers. To achieve the lighter (and brighter!) colors we wanted for these new leathers, the leather is tanned a little bit differently, with less oil and more tumbling. 

The result is a leather that has a pebbled grain, a light sheen, and a vibrant even color – plus the pillowy softness of the original Cypress tannage. We love each and every one of them. (Seriously, it's so hard to choose a favorite!) We're planning to keep these colors around for a little while, so we're launching them in a range of silhouettes. We hope you find something you absolutely love!

Blue Cypress bucket bag

Cypress collection

Grey Cypress travel tote

Olive Cypress tote

Blue Cypress carryall

Olive Cypress crossbody bag

Visit the Cypress Collection to shop Olive Cypress, Blue Cypress, and Grey Cypress (plus the original Cypress and Black Cypress)! Have some questions, or want to order an item that you don't see online? Write to us at and we'd be happy to help.