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The Best Leather Tote Bag: 10 Reasons to LOVE Tan Kodiak

Out of all of our leather tote bags, Tan Kodiak is our favorite. Thousands of happy customers have chosen this tote bag over the years (and 500 people joined the waitlist when it was recently out of stock). But what makes Tan Kodiak so special?

The reviews don't lie! We asked real KMM & Co. customers who purchased this bag what they think about it. As they explain below, this is a very special tote bag. Read on for just a few of the reasons why thousands of people love the Tan Kodiak tote.

1. This tote's design is simple and classic


"I have owned many bags. From top designers to pure utility, and I have never come across a bag that has this much quality and style in one. It truly is perfection. Pure and simple, the design is one that will stand with time. The leather is beautiful, I am very pleased with this product in every way."

– Ashley H., Tan Kodiak tote with 10-inch handles, snap closure, crossbody strap

2. Tan Kodiak leather is soft and supple


"I love this bag, best I have ever had and I have tried a lot of high end bags. Soft right out of the box, sits and carries great. A lot of compliments on it already. I will be getting another color. This is a lifetime bag!!"

– Kim H., Tan Kodiak tote with standard handles

3. The leather even smells amazing


"I am over the moon in love with this tan kodiak tote. The smell of the leather is intoxicating. I bought accessories for this tote along with purchasing the black mini tote with accessories as well. I just placed another order today. It’s that good. I am a total purseaholic and have a closet full of high end bags but once I received this beauty the others were stored away back into my closet. The workmanship that this company does is impeccable. I love too that it is based in Atlanta. I have already received compliments on my tote."

– Marti, Tan Kodiak tote with 9-inch handles, snap closure

4. Each bag is handmade by real people (who would love to talk to you!)


"My expectations were very much exceeded. You can tell that so much time and care was put into creating this bag. I emailed you because I wanted you to know how much I loved it and I received the nicest, most sincere personal reply back. It’s exactly what I expected from this company. You have a forever customer!! Thank you again!"

– Tamara D., Tan Kodiak tote with standard handles

5. This tote bag has space for everything


"I love this bag! I finally have room for everything I need but can still find things easily! I thought that loading all of my 'necessities' would make the bag heavy to carry, but it disperses the weight in such a way that it carries easy. I used to carry my purse, which weighed a ton, and a bag for my extras; laptop, umbrella, notebook etc. I can finally fit it all in one bag when I need to and look stylish and uncluttered. This bag replaces every bag I have. My search is finally over and I’m no longer the 'bag lady'!"

– Christine L., Tan Kodiak tote with 9-inch handles, snap closure

6. Each tote looks better with age and wear


"Just received my new tote last week and I Love it!! It is better than I even expected and I was expecting something very nice. It is so comfortable to carry. I got my first little scratch on it yesterday and was heartbroken only to realize it makes it look even better. I couldn’t be happier."

– Linda C., Tan Kodiak tote with 9-inch handles

7. The craftsmanship is heirloom-quality


"I can’t put into words how much I love this tote. It’s extremely well made and I’m over the moon with its feel, durability, look, and overall craftsmanship. I’ll be ordering another this week."

– Sarah F., Tan Kodiak tote with standard handles

8. KMM & Co. is different from other made-in-USA brands


"I have been eyeing the KMM&Co tote bags for awhile. I was hesitant to order because I've purchased SO MANY leather bags and totes from other American makers over the years, and while they were nice bags, they were nothing spectacular. You guys are persistent though! I kept seeing these bags on my social media, and I was so taken by the simple beauty... I just had to take the plunge! This tote does not disappoint. I can honestly say it's perfect! I did add the 10 inch strap drop so I can comfortably wear it over a coat. The bag is large enough to fit all my things, but even when half empty, it still carries well. The Kodiak leather is lightweight so it doesn't add too much weight. I highly recommend this tote bag!"

– Rebekah S., Tan Kodiak tote with 10-inch handles

9. The quality even beats designer totes


"Ok. I almost never leave reviews. But I received my bag today and it is absolutely perfect. And much prettier than I expected. The color is beautiful. And it smells amazing! I’ve owned tons of Coach, Gucci, Dooney, and even a Louis V. This bag shames them all. I’m done buying those others. This I will carry for a lifetime. Customer service was excellent as well. Thank you KMM! Nice work!"

– Debbie M., Tan Kodiak tote with standard handles, snap closure, crossbody strap

10. It's just the perfect leather tote bag


"I had put a lot of thought into the kind of tote I wanted. Had done a lot of internet searches. Read a lot of reviews. Finally made THE decision. Waited patiently for my handcrafted bag to be made and delivered. I am not disappointed. I’m in love. It’s beautiful. It’s well made. I can put everything I need in it, and there’s still room for more. Thank you for the perfect bag."

– Angela F., Tan Kodiak tote with 10-inch handles, snap closure, crossbody strap

Like what these real KMM & Co. customers have to say? Check out the Tan Kodiak tote to see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Or go for the Tan Kodiak mini tote if you want a smaller version of our bestselling tote. And don't miss these video reviews by real customers if you want to see a Tan Kodiak tote in action!