Introducing a NEW Mini Tote Bag: Rye! 😍

Introducing a NEW Mini Tote Bag: Rye! 😍

The mini tote bag is one of our most popular leather bags. It's big enough to hold everything you need for your day, but small enough to stay out of the way. 

Today we're introducing a new mini tote: Rye! Want to get to know the newest leather in the KMM & Co. lineup? We tried to anticipate all of the questions you'll have about this gorgeous new leather. Read on for all the details!

What kind of leather is Rye?

Rye is a full-grain leather – like all of the leathers KMM & Co. sources – which means that it's the best quality or grade of leather available. Full-grain leather is leather with all of its natural layers intact. Imperfections don't get sanded off or altered, so you'll see all of those natural markings. And most importantly, full-grain leather is the only kind of leather that looks more beautiful with age and wear.

Is it structured or slouchy?

This is our slouchiest mini tote yet! Rye is a buttery-soft leather, and is also very thin and lightweight. That doesn't mean that it's not robust – it's going to age beautifully and can take anything you throw at it! But it does mean that the Rye mini tote is light and easy to carry. Like most mini totes, it will flop over if you set it down when it's empty.

Exactly what color is Rye?

Rye is in the same color family as our Cognac leather (though it's worth noting that Rye is a completely different type and tannage of leather). Rye is a light and warm-toned tan, with more yellow tones than Cognac. This mini tote features handles and a crossbody strap made of coordinating tan belting-weight leather. Because of its light color, the natural character of the leather is on full display.

Wait, what do you mean by 'character'?

When we talk about the "character" of a piece of leather, we're referring to the marks and qualities that make it look like the natural material that it is. Particularly with light-colored leathers, those characteristics are often quite visible. You can expect to see scratches, range marks, stretch marks, spots, and other imperfections on each Rye mini tote (and on matching Rye accessories).

Can I order matching accessories?

We are making accessories out of this beautiful new leather, too! You can take a look at the Rye collection to shop the Rye mini tote and the matching accessories that we're offering. Because Rye is a lightweight leather, we can't make all of our designs in this color. But it's perfect for zip pouches, which you can use as a clutch or as organization in your bag.

Have more questions about the Rye mini tote? Drop us a line at and we'll get back to you ASAP! Visit the Rye collection to shop the Rye mini tote, zip pouches, and tassel.