Gifting the Perfect Tote: Or, A Little Help for the Tote-Illiterate! 😉

Gifting the Perfect Tote: Or, A Little Help for the Tote-Illiterate! 😉

Leather tote bags are our bestselling gift every holiday season. But this year, we're offering more colors, sizes, and options than ever before. Choosing one for your favorite person can seem overwhelming -- especially if you're not exactly well-versed in the particulars of tote bags!

Luckily, picking the right tote to put under the tree is easier than you might think. For your holiday gifting peace-of-mind, here's a foolproof crash course in tote-gifting!

Leather tote bags at KMM & Co.

First, pick your style

So, your loved one has been dropping hints about seeing a tote under the tree. See if you can get some specifics: Is it a standard tote or a mini tote that needs to go on your shopping list? If you don't know the answer but can't really ask for more specifics, don't panic!

The standard tote is our classic bag, and the style that many of our customers choose for everyday. (It can hold about the same amount of *stuff* as other leather tote bags or a backpack!) The mini tote is a scaled-down version of our standard tote, with some extras like a crossbody strap and snap closure, and is generally comparable in volume to a medium-sized handbag. 

Extra credit: Check out a more detailed comparison of the mini tote and the standard tote if you need more help deciding!

Kodiak collection totes at KMM & Co.

Next, choose your color

Once you decide which style you need to buy, it's time to pick a color! We make mini totes in eight colors. We have some beautiful neutrals, like Tan Kodiak or Grey Kodiak. And we recently introduced some statement-making colors, like Purple Kodiak and Navy Kodiak. Kodiak is our softest and most supple leather, which makes it absolutely perfect for the smaller size of the mini tote. 

Our standard totes come in all of the Kodiak colors -- and then some. KMM & Co. classics include Crazy Horse, Cognac, Autumn Harvest, and Oxblood. And we always have some limited-edition colors in stock, too. Some leathers are structured and some are slouchy; some are matte and some are glossy. Every leather is different, so take a quick look at the description before you decide.

Cognac tote with custom handles

Then, figure out your customizations

The finish line is in sight! You can do it! Once you've chosen a tote, then it's time to figure out if you want to customize it, it applicable. We don't offer any customizations for our mini totes. So if you chose a mini tote, move on to the next step!

We do offer customizations for our standard totes. You can customize the length of the handles on a standard tote by picking one of our four available drop lengths. (Stealth mode tip: Just measure the handles on a bag that your loved one already owns to get an idea of what will work best!) Or, you can choose to add a snap closure or a crossbody strap for some extra versatility.

Tan Kodiak tote and accessories

Finally, add some matching accessories

You've made it! Here's the final step: Decide whether you want to add some accessories that will match the tote. You can choose a gift set -- which includes a card envelope, key clip, and cord taco -- or leather tassel right on the product page. Or, you can take a quick look at our "shop by color" page to see what else is available in the color you've chosen.

Et voilà! You've successfully chosen the perfect tote bag! Don't forget to check out our current promos and discounts before you head to checkout. Check out our current processing times so you know when you can expect your order -- and make sure that you intercept the mailman to keep the surprise under wraps!

Need more help choosing the perfect tote, or just can't decide between a couple of different colors? Just drop us a line at, and we'd be happy to help!