Brighten Your Day: ☀️  Shop the Last NEW Totes of Summer!

Brighten Your Day: ☀️ Shop the Last NEW Totes of Summer!

Today we're launching the final limited-edition leather totes of our Summer 2020 collection: Aegean Blue and Pearl! These tote bags are the last summer colors of the year. (Then it's on to new fall colors and silhouettes for us!)

Here's what we love about these limited-edition totes:

Aegean Blue and Pearl leather tote bags and mini tote bags at KMM & Co.

☑️  Light and cheery colors

Nothing brightens up a cloudy day like a pop of color! If 2020 hasn't exactly been your year – we're right there with you! – maybe you could use a little color in your life. A timeless leather tote in a summery color might be just the ticket.

Aegean Blue is a light and bright turquoise, while Pearl is a very light grey. They're both unusual colors that are tough to get right, and we loved them the moment the tannery sent samples our way!

Aegean Blue tote and mini tote | leather tote bags at KMM & Co.

☑️  Soft and lightweight leather

Both Aegean Blue and Pearl are made of the same tannage of leather as our recent Atlantic Blue totes: leathers that are soft to the touch and lightweight to carry. Each bag has handles made of a coordinating belting-weight leather.

The Aegean Blue and Pearl leathers have a smooth grain, light pull-up, and natural character. And every bag made of these leathers will acquire a patina that's unique to you and the way you use your bag.

Pearl and Aegean Blue leather totes and mini tote bags

☑️  Limited-edition releases

Like most of the new leather tote bags we've launched this summer, Aegean Blue and Pearl are limited-edition releases. We were able to order only a limited quantity of each leather, and totes and mini totes in these special-edition colors will not be restocked once they sell out.

If one of these colors is calling your name, we recommend claiming your tote ASAP! And as always, reach out anytime if you have questions. We love these colors and hope that you will, too!

Shop the Aegean Blue tote and mini tote or the Pearl tote and mini tote, or head to our New Arrivals collection to see all of our latest releases. And pssst: If you want to be the first to know about our fall collection, make sure to sign up for the KMM & Co. mailing list!