Introducing the Vegetable Tanned Leather Tote: A Perfect Vachetta Tote! 😍

Introducing the Vegetable Tanned Leather Tote: A Perfect Vachetta Tote! 😍

A vegetable tanned leather tote has been at the top of our wishlist for a long time. We finally found the perfect leather to make it happen! Here's what you need to know about this gorgeous new tote, which is made of beautiful Vachetta leather. 

Vegetable tanned leather tote bag

What is Vachetta?

Vachetta is a full-grain, high-end, vegetable-tanned leather. This particular type of vegetable-tanned leather is soft to the touch. It starts out with a light color that's natural and unfinished. That's because Vachetta is a leather that's minimally processed, without the dyes or waxes that typically go into full-grain leather.

Since Vachetta isn't treated with the same dyes, oils, or waxes as other types of leather, it's much faster to acquire a patina. As you carry a Vachetta tote, everything the leather is exposed to – from the oils in your hands to the sun in your backyard  to stray drops of rain – will darken the leather. The result is that the leather deepens in color and acquires a unique patina over time.

Vachetta tote at KMM & Co.

How is vegetable tanned leather made?

Vegetable-tanned leather is made in many tanneries around the world, and each of them has perfected their own process, sometimes over many generations of artisans, for making heirloom-quality leather. We sourced this beautiful Vachetta leather from a tannery in Italy. At this tannery and others, vegetable-tanned leather is made with no dyes, no harsh chemicals, and no added waxes.

Instead, the tannery uses natural vegetable oils and plant extracts to tan the leather. When it's finished, vegetable-tanned leather isn't sealed or finished in the same way that many other types of full-grain leather are. That allows the natural color and imperfections to shine (and enables each side of leather to acquire a beautiful and dramatic patina with wear and use).

Alex holds vegetable tanned leather tote

Why pick a Vegetable Tanned tote?

If you want a leather tote that will age gracefully and wear in beautifully, the Vegetable Tanned tote might be perfect for you. This leather shows wear and marks from day one. So each bag becomes a true one-of-a-kind as you and your routine make their mark (often quite literally) on the leather. 

There's a reason that we've waited for years to introduce a vegetable-tanned leather tote to the KMM & Co. permanent collection: Finding the perfect leather is a long process that can't be rushed. 

We were looking for a Vachetta that has a beautiful natural color, a soft finish, gorgeous natural markings – all the makings of an heirloom-quality leather tote. We finally found it, and we hope that you love this one as much as we do.

Vachetta leather tote

How do I take care of Vachetta leather?

One of the most beloved characteristics of un-dyed vegetable tanned leather is the way it ages. With wear and use, a Vachetta tote darkens and acquires a patina unique to the way you carry your bag. For that reason, we recommend letting the leather wear in as naturally as you can.

If you need to clean or condition your Vachetta tote, use a mild leather conditioner or cleanser. (If you're looking for specific recommendations, we've put together a list of our favorite leather care products!) With a vegetable-tanned tote, you can also use a leather protectant to stave off stains. But it's worth noting that nothing is going to stop a Vachetta tote from acquiring its characteristic – and gorgeous – patina over time.

As with any light-colored leather, Vachetta is going to prominently show where the bag has been and how it's been handled. That's what we love about it, but it also means that your bag isn't going to look pristine forever. But carry it often and take good care of it, and you'll get something even better: a tote that serves as a visual record of all the places it's been.

Head to the Vegetable Tan collection to see all of the items that we have in this beautiful, un-dyed leather. Be the first to shop our new Vachetta tote, and send us photos of your bag as it wears in! We'd love to see the beautiful patina it acquires.