Stay Gold: Our New Signature Thread Is Here!

Stay Gold: Our New Signature Thread Is Here!

Behind the scenes at the KMM & Co., studio, we've been working on a launch that might sound small, one that many people might not even notice. But we think it makes all the difference!

For about a year, we worked on sourcing the perfect thread. It's finally here, and we're using it to stitch the seams on most KMM & Co. products. Here's a look at what goes into this small (but significant!) detail. 

Vintage-inspired color

When we create new leather totes and accessories, our inspiration boards fill up with vintage reference points: We study the details on antique post bags and pore over the line drawings in old Sears catalogues. After all, our goal is always to thoughtfully craft things that will stand the test of time. So when we decided to source an exclusive new thread, we kept coming back to a particularly rich source of design inspiration: old-school denim.

Old pairs of Levi's have the perfect yellow topstitching, an iconic detail we've always admired. And we kept coming back to that beautiful and universal symbol of classic craftsmanship. So we searched for and finally found a manufacturer with the expertise to dye our own exclusive color. We love the way it looks, and we're proud to carry on the tradition of classic American design.

Heirloom quality

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the white thread that, up until this point, we've used to stitch our leather totes and messenger bags and mini totes. But we believe that there's always room for improvement. And we think that even the smallest detail on a bag is worth making the very best it can be – no excuses and no shortcuts.

We searched for the very highest quality when we began looking for our "forever" thread. Because that's exactly what we were looking for: Thread that will last forever – or a lifetime, at least. After testing out dozens of samples in different weights and fibers, we settled on a gorgeous bonded nylon thread that's just as robust as the full-grain leather we use to construct all of our designs.

USA-made from seam to seam

Another box we really wanted to check when we began searching for the very best thread on the market was an American-made thread. After spending months searching (and running into lots of dead ends), we finally found a manufacturer that makes the perfect thread right here in the USA. 

Every KMM & Co. product is American-made, something we're very proud of in this age of outsourcing and inexpensive overseas labor. Just as we feel strongly about creating jobs in our community, we love sourcing our materials from American businesses as much as possible. So it just feels right to stitch our seams with thread that's made in the USA.