Structured or Slouchy? Comparing KMM & Co. Tote Bags

Structured or Slouchy? Comparing KMM & Co. Tote Bags

Trying to pick a new leather tote from KMM & Co.? There are lots of options -- so many that it's sometimes confusing to compare them. One useful way is to figure out whether you want a tote that's structured or slouchy. 

Here's what you need to know about which totes are structured, which are slouchy, and which fall somewhere in between!

The tan kodiak tote is slouchy

Looking for slouchy? Choose kodiak!

The Kodiak totes -- offered in Tan, Brown, and Black -- are the only KMM & Co. totes in our permanent lineup that are truly slouchy. The leather is soft and pebbled, with gorgeous pull-up and a luxurious feel. When you put a Kodiak tote on the floor without anything inside it, it's definitely going to flop over. 

Like most of our other leathers, Kodiak leathers range in color, and often have natural imperfections such as variations in color, range marks, small scratches, occasional insect bites, and folds in the leather. But most people think those imperfections are totally worth it to get the soft, floppy feel of a Kodiak tote!

From time to time, we also offer a few limited-edition leather tote bags that are on the slouchier side. Just take a look at the description on the product page if you're looking for something slouchy!

Crazy Horse leather tote bag

Want something super structured? Crazy Horse is a perfect match!

On the other end of the spectrum is our Crazy Horse leather. This leather is heavy and stiff, and yields the most structured totes that we offer. These totes have no problem standing up on their own, even when they're completely empty.

KMM & Co. fans love Crazy Horse for its high-contrast color and its oil-tanned feel. And many also love the range marks that are common on this type of leather and make every single bag unique. The only tradeoff? Crazy Horse totes are the heaviest totes we offer. If you're worried about your tote feeling too heavy once you add all your essentials, you might want to consider a lighter-weight leather.

If you want a very structured tote bag but aren't sold on Crazy Horse, you might want to take a look at our Black Harvest or Storm Grey totes. Like Crazy Horse, these totes are stiff enough that they will hold their shape even when empty.

Cognac leather tote bag

Prefer something in between? Go with one of our limited-edition colors!

As you've probably gathered, the Kodiak and Crazy Horse leathers are situated at either end of the slouchy-to-structured spectrum. But we have plenty of leather tote bags that fall somewhere in the middle. 

These totes are the ones you should consider if you want a tote that's structured enough to stand up on its own (unlike a floppy Kodiak tote), but won't feel as stiff or heavy as a Crazy Horse bag. 

Autumn Harvest, Oxblood, Navy, Cognac, and other limited-edition colors come and go. But if you catch one, many of these totes occupy the perfect sweet spot between light-and-floppy and stiff-and-structured. Many of these totes will hold their shape but don't feel stiff when you pick them up.

Searching for your perfect tote? Browse the current collection of KMM & Co. leather tote bags here! They're all made in America of the most beautiful leathers we can source, and each one is designed to last a lifetime. If you have questions or need help comparing totes, email us at!