What's in a Gift Set? Our Favorite Tote Bag Add-On

What's in a Gift Set? Our Favorite Tote Bag Add-On

Tan Kodiak tote with gift set

Every leather tote bag made by KMM & Co. is a one-of-a-kind. After all, each piece of leather is 100% unique. But you can make your tote bag even more special by adding a gift set. 

The gift set is a set of accessories that match the tote, and it's the perfect add-on whether you're buying a present for someone else or treating yourself to a new tote. Here's what you need to know about this popular option.

Leather tote bag extras

We want your tote to be perfect for you, so we offer a variety of ways to customize your purchase! As noted on the "Extras" tab of each tote bag listing, you can choose to add longer handles (with an 8-inch, 9-inch, or 10-inch drop length). You can go for a crossbody strap, which will be custom-cut for you. 

Or, you can upgrade your tote to a gift set, which includes a matching card envelope, key clip, and cord taco. Each of these accessories is made of the same gorgeous, full-grain leather as your tote. And they all feature durable brass and nickel hardware so that they'll last through years and years of use.

Each of these accessories is available separately on our site. But you get a special bundle deal when you purchase them together as a gift set with your tote!

What's in a gift set?

Each accessory in the gift set has a specific use. The card envelope is the perfect wallet for a true minimalist. It's also a convenient accessory to carry around your business cards. The card envelope is cut out of a single piece of leather, and because of its one-piece construction, it can flex to carry a surprising number of cards. It has a solid brass snap that will acquire a beautiful patina with use.

The key clip offers a sleek (and convenient) way to keep track of your keys. One of the earliest KMM & Co. designs, it will keep your house keys and card keys from getting lost, no matter how many things you carry around in your tote. It features nickel hardware.

Finally, the cord taco is the perfect way to address one of the inconveniences of modern technology: cords. Whether your earbuds are constantly getting tangled or your phone charger just won't stay corralled, the cord taco can keep your bag neat and tidy. To match the card envelope, the cord taco has a brass snap closure.

How to order a gift set 

When you purchase your tote bag, you'll be able to add a gift set to your cart at the same time. If you've already purchased your tote but would like to order a gift set to match it, just send us an email at hello@kmmco.com. We'd be happy to make a gift set to match your tote (and we can give you the special gift set pricing on the accessories, too)!

Shop our latest selection of leather tote bags to find your new favorite bag. Or, check out this behind-the-scenes look at how KMM & Co.'s leather totes get made. Still have questions? We're always available to help at hello@kmmco.com!