Valentine Gifts for Him: We Can Help! 💘

Valentine Gifts for Him: We Can Help! 💘

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: All you need is love, but a great Valentine's Day gift never hurt anybody! The Cinnamon tote bundle is an amazing deal, but not everybody carries a tote everyday. Fortunately, we also make plenty of gorgeous leather goods perfect for everyone!

Read on for our top recommendations on Valentine's gifts for him (or her, or them)! Every single one of these items is handmade with love, and just might make the perfect present for whomever you want to spoil this Valentine's Day. 

Valentine gifts for him ideas | Handmade leather goods at KMM & Co.

1. A key fob with his (and your) initials

Most of our favorite Valentine gifts for him aren't expensive. In fact, one that we love recommending year after year is a leather key fob, which costs just $5 embossed with a personalized message and shipped to your door. (What a steal!) You can have it embossed with two sets of initials, a significant date, a favorite emoji, or a word or phrase that's meaningful. Sometimes, the simplest things make the best gifts. 

Leather valet tray at KMM & Co. | valentines ideas for him

2. A valet tray to keep his desk or nightstand tidy

KMM & Co.'s valet tray is another popular gift idea. A valet tray looks right at home on a nightstand, where it's an easy (and beautiful) place to put a watch, a wallet, keys, and glasses at the end of the day. It also comes in handy at the office, where it can help you keep track of small items that would otherwise go missing. 

Leather guitar strap | valentines for him

3. A guitar strap for his favorite instrument

This one isn't a perfect fit for everybody. But if the person you want to spoil this Valentine's Day plays guitar, then a leather guitar strap could hit just the right chord. (Sorry, we couldn't resist!) Each guitar strap is made by hand and made to last forever -- no matter how many hours the lucky recipient spends perfecting that new riff.

KMM & Co. key lanyard | valentines day ideas for him

4. A key lanyard to help him stop losing his keys

Another practical addition to our list of Valentine's gifts for him? A key lanyard, which is the perfect key accessory for someone who keeps misplacing very important keys. (It happens to the best of us.) Like our key fobs, each key lanyard can be embossed with the personalization of your choice. And unlike a key fob, it can be clipped onto a bag or a belt loop to make it a little more difficult to lose. 

Leather billfold handmade in America at KMM & Co. | valentine gifts for him

5. A classic billfold to carry all the essentials in style

Perhaps the most classic of all of all of our Valentine's ideas for him: the classic leather billfold. We make ours in a wide variety of colors, each one of them featuring a gorgeous, American-made leather. The billfold has plenty of room for all of his most essential cards (and cash, as well). And it doesn't get any more stylish than one of these beautiful wallets.

Honey leather messenger bag at KMM & Co.

Bonus: An amazing messenger bag he'll carry forever

If you really want to splurge on a gift for that special someone this year, you can't go wrong with KMM & Co.'s new messenger bag. Handmade from the same gorgeous full-grain leathers we use for our bestselling totes, the messenger bag has plenty of space for all of the things he needs to carry with him each day. It's also made to last a lifetime -- one of the real benefits of heirloom-quality goods.

Shop Valentine's gifts for him and more ideas in our Valentine's Day collection. Also, don't miss the details on our new Cinnamon tote bundle, which is the perfect gift for anybody who loves a good leather tote. Plus, you can drop us a line anytime at if you have questions or need help choosing the perfect present.